Pearls of Wisdom

A metaphysical store, a meditation center, a new age community leader

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We are currently hosting classes throughout the week, please call or stop in for more information.


As soon as you enter Pearls of Wisdom, you know it is a special place.  Even before you notice the scents of exotic incense, colorful wall murals, and soft New Age music, you feel the store’s energy.  If you feel lost or need comforting, it embraces you in slow nurturing billows.  If you need to be challenged or renewed, it enfolds you with powerful surges.  The store is a sanctuary of Light and sacred knowledge.

Pearls of Wisdom never advertises; people are drawn to the store intuitively.  Seekers and believers of every kind find their way here.  The store welcomes them. 

The store’s owner has a solid reputation in the New Age community, a passion for acting on social justice issues, and endless dedication to serving the needs of her customers. The staff is helpful, friendly, and patient.   Those who find Pearls of Wisdom return time and again, bringing their family, their friends.  Everyone wants to share the peace, the New Age tools, and the wisdom they find here. 



Please browse Pearls of Wisdom's catalog and see our featured items. Then, come enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of our store today!


Hours of Operation: 

Monday - Friday:  11 am - 8 pm

Saturday: 11 am - 6 pm

Sunday:  12 - 5 pm


Parking is all around the store!

CALL (614) 262-0146 

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